Dallas Cowboys

Capacity: 80,000

Surface: Turf

History: Cowboys Stadium has several key design features, as outlined by the team's Web site, including the largest retractable roof on the planet, which when closed makes the facility the largest enclosed NFL stadium. Designers hope that when the roof is opened, a process that takes 12 minutes, the image of Texas Stadium's famous "hole in the roof" comes to mind. Another architectural first is the world's longest single-span roof structure, featuring two 292-foot arches that support the retractable roof. The retractable end zone doors, which open in 18 minutes, also are, you guessed it, the world's largest. A center-hung video board is composed of four display screens (two facing the sidelines, measuring 160 feet by 72 feet, and two facing the end zones at 53 feet by 30 feet), weighs 600 tons and is suspended 90 feet above the field. The two bigger screens are the world's largest, SportsBusiness Daily reports. The seating configuration can be expanded to accommodate 100,000, which is exactly what will happen when Cowboys Stadium hosts Super Bowl XLV in February 2011. And the bow on the stadium is the 86-foot-high, canted-glass exterior wall.

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